Développement Durable & Mobilier Professionnel

In perpetual evolution, we must face new challenges every year. For years, we have chosen to embark on the path of sustainable development, not only internally but also in the products that we offer.

Si faire des économies d’eau, installer des ampoules basses consommation et utiliser moins de papier pour les impressions est une chose facile, avoir une vision globale de l’impact de notre activité sur l’environnement l’est beaucoup moins.

Long before the concept of sustainable development and action for the environment was fashionable, we have always preferred European or local production in order to limit CO²-costly containers imports, very early, we asked our suppliers to monitor their supply as to only have wood from controlled logging operations and / or exploited in a sustainable manner (cut a tree = plant a tree). Currently, we are replacing the foam padding used in our products by foam made out of soy.

Boasting the latest technologies, these new materials are even more comfortable and stronger. Thus little by little, we review the entire process, from procurement to delivery, and we try at every stage of our actions to reduce our pollution.

If everyone at his own level, made a small gesture in the right direction, our children could probably hope for a more peaceful future in which nature has made the happiness and prosperity of our elders.